Shamanic Hypnotic Imagery Facilitation Technique (SHIFT) Training

Tree of Life Hypnosis

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This transformational training is meant for therapists, coaches, and other healers who already have a healing practice and want more tools to help their clients get better results and maintain progress. SHIFT also proofs therapists against burnout, increases referral rates, and is easy to incorporate into a healing or mentoring practice.

If you have ever though of going to hypnotherapy school, learning contemporary shamanism, intuitive healing or certifying as a life coach, why not get all the best of each of these tools in one transformational program. From the teacher and spiritual luminary who has done it all, you can up level your practice in a fraction of the time. 

Learn how the ancient ones healed, transformed, and communed with the unseen world using the power of the mind, images, and energy that is innate within us.

Live and recorded classes, demos, Q&As, and case conferences. 

Practice hours and internship with real clients

Testing and Certification Optional

Next SHIFT program start date: Week of January 28, 2019

6 month training (8 weekly modules followed by four monthly case conferences). 


*Tuition discounts may still be available this session to motivated learners who participate in a pre-screening interview - contact me at progressiveprophetess@




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