Yogic Beauty Secrets

Yogic Beauty Secrets

Tree of Life Kundalini Yoga

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A 6- Week Yoga Series for Youth, Beauty, and Power.  

Your body is a sacred gift from God, and rather then letting it passively bow before the threat of time, most of us naturally seek to retain physical beauty for a long as possible. Although our methods may often be ineffective ($90 face cream? botox?), I believe that the fascination springs from a divine spark within us. 

In fact, you may be interested to know that in secluded ashrams and monasteries, certain orders of monks practice what is called Avatara Yoga, oiling their skin, smoothing the soles of the feet with pumice stone, practicing physical and mental techniques to beautify and preserve their bodies, not in vanity, but in reverence for God, who gave them these bodies.

This is an important step on the path of achieving union of the individual soul with the soul of God. Their ideal is inner beauty in a well-cared for shell. 

Avatara Yoga uses many techniques to delay physical aging, create a supple and agile body, smooth skin, graceful movement, and serenity and beauty of expression. These were once closely guarded secrets, but Yogi Bhajan has given us many of them and I have shared them in this 6-week yoga online yoga series you will want to start as soon as possible! 

I share secrets with you, including yoga kriyas and meditations for enchanting beauty, age reversal, preventing grey hair, for smooth skin, for rejuvenation, and more. All of the classes cultivate inner beauty as well. 

There is a precept in Hatha yoga that physical perfection leads to victory of the spirit. Or, in Avatara yoga the doctrine that a celestial being manifests through the ageless body of a fully liberated soul.

So let's join together and be beautiful, bountiful and blissful!  All levels welcome. Men and women welcome.

Access to this 6-week begins upon registration and last one year.

Participate anytime from anywhere.


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