Rise Brother, Rise: Aquarian Moroni Academy

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"May each one of us rise up as the man God foreordained us to be." - Russel M. Nelson

The Aquarian Moroni Academy is shaman initiation, vision quest, healing retreat, and modern day school of the prophets all rolled into one. Put simply, it is for transforming LDS Priesthood Holders into the Soldier-Saints of the Aquarian Age.

In April 2016, Elder Russel M. Nelson said: "I fear that there are too many priesthood bearers who have done little or nothing to develop their ability to access the powers of heaven." And he invited men to do all they could do to be taught by the Lord Himself. 

As we move into the feminine, Aquarian Age, women everywhere are rising up and claiming their crowns. Unfortunately, many men who are looking to do the same are not getting the same support. The role of the Aquarian priesthood holder is unique and different from the priesthood holder of the prior age, and it is essential.  

This mens program is for LDS priesthood holders who are committed to developing their power such that they can literally move mountains, work miracles, receive clear visions, talk face to face with the Savior, and many other blessings. 

Where: This 5-day event can only take place on sacred land, and the mountains of Ojai, California (outside Santa Barbara) is of the only living mountain ranges in the world outside the Himalayas. Similar to the Himalayas, they are oriented east/west and are continuing to grow, about an inch a year. Participants will interact directly with the mountain spirit, as well as with the ocean.

When: July 2-7, 2017*  The divine mother and Nam Joti Kaur will hold the container for transformation, clarity, expansion, and healing. Men ages 18-49 welcome. Older and younger may be considered on case by case basis.

What Else: Does not include lodging or food except lunch every day and snacks. Camping is available for $15-35/night and is recommended for this event. 

Call or email progressiveprophetess at gmail with questions. 


*Includes group follow up meetings (online) after the event.

**Unfortunately no women are allowed except 2 women who will assist Nam Joti Kaur. They need to be Level 0 or Level 1 trained, will pay the same tuition, and must apply. To apply, email progressiveprophetess at gmail.    

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