Positive Health Habits

Positive Health Habits

Tree of Life Hypnosis

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This 8-week group therapeutic imagery program is for anyone who wants transform their health habits from the inside out. Whether your goal is releasing excess weight, loving your body more, releasing food addictions, creating space for compassionate exercise, eating healthy yummy food or just all around self improvement, this is where it is happening!

Join other women (yep this is a women's group) in this wonderful journey to positive change. Each week we will learn, grow, and take a subconscious journey for healing.

You will receive a video once/per week. Videos are one hour. You can watch whenever you choose. You will also receive support each week through email.

A private hypnotherapy/ therapeutic imagery session = $200+ per session. 
Get this 8 session package ($1000+ value) for only... $185. 

You may start this series anytime you choose. Once you have finalized your purchase, you will be sent an e-mail with the subject line "Confirm to begin the Positive Health Habits series". The class will begin within 24 hours of clicking the link in that e-mail. To begin later, save that e-mail and click to confirm when you are ready to start the series. 

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