The Breath of Life Yoga Series

The Breath of Life Yoga Series

Tree of Life Kundalini Yoga

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This 6- Class Kundalini Yoga Series is all about Prana, which is the life force energy that is within all things and through all things. It is the Light of Christ. If you can get more prana, you can: Heal your body, find your purpose, increase your energy, vitality, intuition, and creativity. And SO MUCH MORE. 

Pranayam is the use of breathing techniques to change consciousness. This series will focus on the many aspects of the breath for healing, rejuvination and rebirth. This class is for everyone. It will include Kundalini Yoga kriyas, mantra and other elements, but the main focus will be the breath and pranayam.  

It is a fun and energizing class series. It also includes one Kriya that can be done entirely on an airplane (and 5 others than can't-- unless your airline doesn't mind you hopping down the aisle like a kangaroo. He hee.)

*This purchase is a download of 6 videos and is a large zipped file. If you prefer to stream this classes you can buy them and access them here. 

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