Therapeutic Guided Imagery Facilitator Training

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Exciting News! Imagery Training Is Now Available Online! The next start date is June 13, 2018!

Learn and integrate tools at a steady pace or at your own pace within the generous 7 week window of time. Practice in real therapeutic settings and get certified to help others. 


Learn how the ancient ones healed, transformed, and communed with the unseen world using the power of the mind and imagery. Participants will be guided and learn to guide others to connect with inner guides, guardian angels, heal the inner child, heal with archetypes or talk to a metaphysical mentor in a peaceful and therapeutic environment. Learn basic and advanced guided therapeutic imagery, metaphysical imagery, Christ-centered imagery, healing imagery, and the art of healing in a professional and therapeutic environment as well as other environments. 

Modules Included in this training: Beginning Imagery, Advanced Imagery for healing and transformation, Metaphysical Imagery, Therapeutic Counseling and Interviewing Training, Law & Ethics, Business Practices, Internship, and more.

Recored online classes in an easy to use platform.  (Watch at your own pace and replay any time.) 

Detailed and proprietary manual of scripts and information.

Quizes that assess your progress. 

Practice partners 

Live and recorded group journeys, demos, Q&As, and case conferences. 

Practice hours and internship with real clients

Testing and Certification Optional


This is a prerequisite for other modules, such as Archetypal Imagery, Imagery with Angels and Other Emmisarries, Imagery for Healing Addictions, Life Mastery, and any other modules as yet not created.

 Payment plans available here at the bottom of the landing page here.



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